Kamchay Hydroelectric station has realized continuously safe and stable operation for 10 years

Source: Author: Time: 2022-01-20

On January 13, Kamchay Hydroelectric station in Cambodia achieved continuously safe and stable operation for 3650 days, setting a new record of safe production. The power station has made outstanding contributions to Cambodia's economic and social development and the improvement of people's livelihood, and has become a model project of energy cooperation between China and Cambodia.

Since the power station was fully put into operation in January 2011, the cumulative power generation of the power station has exceeded 4.2 billion kwh, which has greatly alleviated the power shortage in Cambodia. It is praised by Prime Minister Hun Sen as Cambodia's "Three Gorges Project".

Over the past 10 years, PowerChina has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, paid attention to people's livelihood, and benefited local people. The power station has become the bridge to deepen and consolidate China-Cambodia friendship.