The Tariff Memorandum of Understanding of Pak Lay Hydropower Project in Laos was successfully signed

Source: Author: Time: 2022-01-28

On January 24, PowerChina Resources Ltd. signed the Tariff Memorandum of Understanding (TARIFF MOU) with the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT). The Pak Lay Hydropower Project made a major breakthrough in selling electricity to Thailand, and the project development has entered a new stage.

Pak Lay Hydropower Project is located in the Mekong River Basin in Laos, with a design installed capacity of 770MW.

Once the project is put into operation, the power will be directly transmitted to Thailand in the form of "plant to grid". It will comprehensively improve the power export capacity of Laos, and continuously strengthen the regional cross-border power interconnection cooperation between China, Laos and Thailand.