"Eight stations and One center" in Laos generated more than 15 billion KWH

Source: Author: Time: 2022-11-01

The cumulative power generation of Nam Ou river project and Nam Ngum 5 project reached 15.3 billion KWH. This year, the eight hydropower stations completed generating more than 3.3 billion KWH of electricity, with an increase of 118.84 percent year on year, providing a steady stream of clean electricity for the economic and social development of Laos.


Nam Ou river basin cascade hydropower project is located in the north of Laos, which has "one reservoir and seven cascades" and total capacity is 1.272 million kilowatts. The project was fully operational in September 2021 and won the "National Labor Medal" of Laos in April 2021.

Nam Ngum 5 project is the fifth cascade power station planned on the Nam Ngum river, spanning two provinces in Laos, with an installed capacity of 120,000 kW. It officially entered the commercial operation period in December 2012. In July 2020, it won the Lao "National Labor Medal", which was the first time that a Chinese power investment project won this award. The project is also PowerChina's first overseas project to benefit from the Clean Development Mechanism.