The first wind turbine of Ivovik wind farm project was successfully lifted

Source: Author: Time: 2022-12-08

At 16:00 local time on December 6, 2022, the first fan of Ivovik 84 MW wind farm project in Bosnia and Herzegovina was lifted. This marks the beginning of the turbine installation and commissioning phase of the project. It also created favorable conditions for the completion of the main construction of the project in 2023.

Ivovik wind farm project in Bosnia and Herzegovina has 20 Goldwind turbines, each one is 4.2 MW. The fan hub height is 100 meters and the blade length is 67 meters. The total lifting weight of a single fan is about 500 tons, which is the largest single capacity wind power project in Bosnia and Herzegovina at present. It is also the largest energy project invested and constructed by Chinese enterprises.