The first solar power project invested by the company completes grid-connected power generation

Source: Author: Time: 2023-01-09

At 8:08 a.m. on December 28, local time in Myanmar, the first solar project invested by the company, Myanmar Kyeeonkeewa Solar Power Station, was successfully connected to the grid. As the first project put into operation of the Myanmar Solar Power Project Group, Kyeeonkeewa Solar Power Station achieved commencement of construction and COD in the same year.The project is located in Magui Province, Myanmar, with a total installed capacity of 40.28MW. The project group consists of five sub-projects, namely Satoktayar solar project, Kyeeonkeewa solar project, Shwekyin solar, Sedawgyi solar project and Kindar solar project, which is the largest new energy project group in Myanmar. The projects can effectively improve the current power shortage in Myanmar and promote local economic and social development.