Copper and Cobalt Mining Project in Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Phase:In Operation

Project Highlight:La Sino-Congolaise Des Mines Societe Anonyme is a company with minority share holding of PCR (25.28% shares). It was set up in August, 2007 in Democratic Republic of Congo. It started copper and cobalt mining on April 16th, 2013 and started production in April 2016..

Cement Industry Co., Laos

Project Phase: In Operation

Project Highlight:Cement Industry Co., Ltd., controlled and operated by PCR (77% shares), is currently the largest cement enterprise in Lao PDR. The project has an annual designed production capacity of 2 million tons of cement. The first cement production line, which has been in operation, produces 1 million tons of cement every year. Its main products are ordinary portland cement, mixed cement and low heat cement especially for dam. All these products have got certification from local and Chinese quality inspection institutions with equally high quality as well-known international products and are exported to Thailand, Vietnam etc.

Vientiane Plain Potash Mining Project in Lao PDR

Project Phase: In Operation

Project Highlight:The Vientiane Plain Potash Mining Project in Lao PDR, which is developed and controlled by PCR (70% shares), started construction on December 1st, 2010, and was put into operation on July 1st, 2014. Its products are exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam and have also successfully entered US market.