Cattle Hill Wind Farm Project in Australia generate more than 400 million kilowatt hours of electricity in 2021

Source: Author: Time: 2021-10-29

At 00:01 on October 7, 2021, Australian local time, the annual accumulative power generation of Cattle hill wind farm project exceeded 400 million KWH, which is 90.91% of the annual power generation plan of 440 million KWH. Up to now, the project has exceeded the monthly power generation plan for several consecutive months in 2021, and the utilization rate has reached 98.47%, which is in the leading level of wind farms in Australia. In April, the project capacity coefficient reached 51.3%, ranking first among all the wind power projects in Australia in that month. The technical reform of the project has achieved remarkable results. In 2021, the wind abandoning rate of active shutdown caused by IDF Eagle protection system in Cattle Hill wind farm Project is about 0.99%, which is about 52% lower than 2.08% in 2020.