Barisal Power Plant in Bangladesh was highly praised by the chairman of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC)

Source: Author: Time: 2023-07-19

On July 15, 2023, Md Nurul Amin, the new chairman of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), came to Barisal power station and spoke highly of the role played by the project after it was put into operation.

Nurul Amin highly praised the company's contribution in actively promoting local economic and social development, training local technical personnel, improving people's livelihood and employment.

He said that the Barisal power Station is one of the important projects of cooperation between Bangladesh and China in the field of power energy. He hoped that the company will continue to give full play to its advantages in management and technology, strengthen communication and cooperation with the competent authorities, ensure the safe and stable operation of the units, and enhance the power guarantee capacity.